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Evette Cordy is curious – and she’s passionate about making you curious, too. As an innovation expert, registered psychologist and the chief investigator and co-founder at Agents of Spring, she has a rich understanding of customer behaviours, motivations and needs. This is how she identifies opportunities and facilitates new ways of thinking in organisations.

Evette is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations transform to be more curious, creative and future ready.
Inspiring & Engaging Speaker

Be energised and inspired by a story teller who weaves first hand experiences with scientific literature to deliver thought provoking conference presentations

Curiosity Expedition Leader

Be guided out of the ordinary, into a world of possibility to unearth game changing insights that will inspire growth within your organisation.

Collaborative Innovation Facilitator

Leveraging two decades of experience in applied curiosity and creativity to help organisations synergise teams to deliver breakthrough innovation to market.


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‘Curiosity is, and always will be, a core leadership competency. For those looking to design success into their teams and culture, this book is a great growth hack. A no-nonsense guide to leveraging intellectual curiosity as your secret weapon.’

Cambell Holt Chief Customer Officer, Mercer Pacific

‘As a friend and mentor, I’ve known for years that Evette has a lot to give. In this book, “Cords” is in fine form. She is magnetic, adventurous, bold and thoroughly disinterested in mediocrity! This book is for use in the home, office, boardroom, or anywhere you please. If you see yourself as a remarkable contributor then apply what you learn.’

Cathy Freeman Olympic & World 400m Champion, Founder of Cathy Freeman Foundation

‘The world is divided into two types of people: those that know it all, and those that are still learning. If, like me, you fall into the second category, then curiosity is the behaviour that you need to adopt to start bridging that gap. This book will start you on the journey of better understanding this critical concept and how to apply it in your business.’

Daryl Bussell CEO, Luv-a-Duck

With this book, athlete, author, and creativity consultant, Evette Cordy, has given us a practical set of exercises comprising a “total body workout” of our curiosity muscles. Cordy quotes Shunryu Suzuki, setting the tone for a business book that is very Zen. Cordy’s writing is minimalist, well-edited, elegant and spare. She gives us the gifts, modestly, and without uff. She is offering something valuable - cultivating these six “curiosity mindsets” will undoubtedly lead to more innovation and impact in our professional and personal lives.

Cate Harding Customer Experience Guru

‘The comedian John Cleese is fond of saying that creativity is a mood. It’s not a talent or special skill and it’s not related to IQ. It’s a practice that takes time and space – “an oasis of quiet for your mind” – where you can explore and play.

In many ways being curious and creative means rediscovering the state of being that comes so naturally to children. “What if we ...”, “Imagine that ...”, “Let’s pretend ...” are phrases that come so easily when we’re young, but so much harder when we’re grown up.

Cultivating Curiosity is a great resource to help us nurture curiosity in ourselves and in our workplaces. I challenge you to read it, and then be a rebel, a sleuth, or a play-maker. Not only will you make an impact in your business, you might just have some fun along the way.’

Kylie Bishop Group Executive People & Culture, Medibank Private Health Insurance


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